Entrepreneurship for Everyone.

We empower the underrepresented and underserved entrepreneur to leverage the vast startup ecosystem.

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Built from the
ground up.

Our program was developed with the underrepresented entrepreneur in mind. We are redefining the founder’s journey into an industry that has been elusive for more people. 


We foster an authentic environment where founders can be themselves.


We strive to have a collaborative community where everyone is vested in helping one another.

Global Network

We want you to have access to mentors, advisors, and a fellow founder where ever in the world you might be.

Capital Pathways

Access to capital is the lifeblood of startups and we partner with world-class VC’s, angels, and capital networks to fund your startup. 

“As a first-time founder, Go Paladin has been a big component to our success so far. The community is so engaged and supportive. I couldn’t imagine building LegUp without them.”

Jessica Eggert, Co-Founder of LegUp