About Us

We are rewriting the entrepreneurial journey from start to finish

What’s Paladin?

In 2016, Terell Sterling launched Go Paladin from his university’s library as a way to connect his community to entrepreneurship. It’s developed a lot since then. We believe that the path forward for many underserved communities is through entrepreneurship and we  operate from a place of collaboration and inclusion, and we foster difficult conversations, push through fears, and look for active connection and respect everywhere we can find it. We don’t mind if you prefer something easier—in short, we are developing Paladin’s. We’re glad you’re here, welcome home.


We want to be obsolete.

We know how exclusive the startup industry has become. We are on a path of rewriting the founder’s journey. Rooted in Silicon Valley, we are open-sourcing the info to communities who can benefit the most.


We are co-conspirators for equality.

We no longer wait to be invited to the table anymore. We flip the damn thing over and rewrite the narrative. We value our founder’s journeys and we seek to ignite the innovator within. 

With the right people.

Go Paladin is a 501c(3) organization made possible by a completely volunteer-based team and the generous support of our investor.

Our Team

Cole Thomas Shintaku

Director of Investor Relations

Liam Azulay

Investor Relations Partner

Katie Vanbenthuysen

Director of Operations

Sibyl Wong

General Counsel

Joy Harper

Chief Financial Officer

Terell Sterling

Managing Partner

Denise Young-Smith



Chief Happiness Officer

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Our Board of Directors

Alif Khalfan

VP of Product Strategy
The Walt Disney Company

Bernard Coleman

Head of Employee Engagement

Joy Harper

Tax and Treasury

Sibyl Wong

General Counsel and Board Secretary
Go Paladin Incorporated

Terell Sterling

President and CEO
Go Paladin Incorporated

Our Investors

Long Term Stock Exchange
Operator Collective
Palo Alto University
Culture Shift Labs